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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy
Free Heat, Free Electricity & Lower Taxes!

Residential renewable energy technology offers considerable financial incentives, such as free heat and lower taxes, and other advantages, such as energy feed-in and buy-back programs; as well as benefits to the environment, better health and increased productivity of occupants. Sun Construction, Inc. is a proud installer of photovoltaic (solar electricity) and geothermal closed-loop installation systems.


Why Solar Energy?

Solar energy is clean, renewable, and good for the environment. Renewable energy systems also provide your home with increased independence and dramatic reduction of the use of foreign oil. Solar electric systems can provide your household with electricity even when there are utility outages in your area, and can also be designed to provide power to critical loads over extended periods of cloudy weather. With the ever-increasing financial incentives being offered by federal, state and private entities, the sustainable harvesting of local solar energy makes great sense for your home and future!

Solar Energy

Sun Power

Photovoltaic ("PV" Solar Electricity) Systems

Solar Panel
Photovoltaic Cell

Photovoltaics (solar electric technologies) are a part of the semi-conductor industry that converts sunlight directly into electricity, without moving parts, noise or pollution. The efficiency of this technology has already exceeded the efficiency of photosynthesis by fifteen times. They are made from sand, the second most abundant material in the earth’s crust, and recoup over their 30+ year life expectancy, 10 times the energy used in their production.  They can be installed on rooftops, used to make building walls, or arrayed on unused land.  Unlike other electrical generation, they can be sited at consumer’s homes without fuel purchase requirements.  Photovoltaic technologies arguably have more potential to transform the energy landscape of our communities, states, even nations than any technology under development, and the cost is steadily dropping.

What is Geothermal Energy?

Almost everywhere, the upper 10 feet of the Earth's surface maintains a nearly constant temperature of 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. A geothermal heat pump system consists of pipes buried in the shallow ground, a heat exchanger, and ductwork into the building. In winter, heat from the relatively warmer ground goes through the heat exchanger into the house. In summer, hot air from the house is pulled through the heat exchanger into the relatively cooler ground. Heat removed during the summer can be used as no-cost energy to heat water. 

Heat from the Earth
Geothermal Energy

Geothermal - The Best Possible Solution

Horizontal Closed-Loop
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, geothermal is the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space conditioning system available.  According to the Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium, the monumental impact of the current use of geothermal heat pump technology is equivalent to taking more than 1,165,000 cars off the road.  Geothermal systems are much more compact than traditional systems, and out of sight. No massive rooftop chillers requiring added structural support, labor and construction costs. And no holes drilled in roofs to secure them, either, reducing the risk of leaks. These systems give architects optimal design flexibility because the roof and landscape are free of chillers, air handlers and other outdoor equipment. In addition, boiler rooms can be eliminated and the size of mechanical rooms can be reduced.

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